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Everyday Life            

Leisure Activity


Daily accompaniment: Shopping assistance, domestic help, laundry service,
Accompaniment to the doctor and pharmacy programs, administrative procedures, cemetery visits and help with grave care, excurisons, to the theater, café, on events, support and care at home,

Typing: help with correspondence, private mail, authorities, archiving works

Health: communication for health care products and complementary services.
Support in physiotherapeutic exercises.

Vacation: Help on vacation or sudden illness. Or if you cannot take care of other reasons for your house / apartment, post office, members and office.
Emergency response, for example, hospital visits for personal care

Emergency response, for example, Hospital visits for personal care

       Senior partner / companion

parlor games
read books / newspaper
accompaniment on outings, café, cinema, cultural events such as theater, opera, museums and concerts, readings
ride in a wheelchair
holidays short breaks / holiday companion
Make celebrations.
computer courses & service
art and craft
sport as bowling or walking 55plus

Pet care, animal care in everyday life or holidays

Housekeeping services
Laundry service, shopping assistance,
home help
Cleaning / housework
Cleaning windows, curtains Service stairwell cleaning (house rules) carpet cleaning after inspection Ecological cleaning for allergy sufferers incl. mattress covers
Rooms and disposing
Have all kind of “old things” accumulated in your rooms ? magazines, gifts, too much furniture? We help you to clean up, dispose and redesign your room, with external experts, such as residential advisors / inside or disposal companies.
Construction and relocation cleanings
Caretaker Services
Stairwell cleaning (house rules)
Winter maintenance and sidewalk clearance
garden care home plant care, gardening, lawn and Flower beds, shrub and hedge trimming, cleaning of roads and surfaces, minor repairs in the house and garden, grave care
Pet care
Animal care in everyday life or holidays


Catering/ dining concepts
For good and healthy food
(also vegan / vegetarian)
beverages home services, delivery service




Advice for senior-friendly and safe living
Advice for senior-friendly and safe living
Furnishing / Beds / Sleeping / Allergies incl. mattress covers
upholstery / kitchen
Certified professional advice and planning for retirement and disability-friendly building and living. Full service all trades, clarifying financing and grants, for a comfortable and secure life in their own homes.
Kitchen remodeling as a cheap alternative to an expensive new kitchen. - replacing the countertops - creating more storage space - Installation of separations in existing cabinets - When moving houses the kitchen will be rebuilt with a new floor plan - and much more ...
Doors, bathrooms, floors, heating, elevators
Skilled crafts for seniors conversion
repair service from craftsmen. Whether painting or minor repairs, furniture installations and carpenters work- everything is done quickly and cheaply by professional staff.
Specially for the “ArtGeneration” 50 plus / over sixty

You want to sell your property because of age or health reasons?

House Sale / home exchange, etc. in cooperation with brokers and special tariffs

relocation service

Driving service as to the doctor or even small shipments of furniture and bulky items

ArtGeneration®- Assistance gastronomic concepts
cafe, bistro, catering, shop and meeting place.
Shop: young designers and artisans work for the target group baby-boomer.
The products and services are distributed by the operators (across generations).

driving service
driving service minicab
driving service for example to the doctor or even small lots of furniture and bulky goods.
People transfer, furniture transports, shopping trips, spa stays
beverage home service, small shipments, delivery service for all all heavy goods such as potatoes, potting soil, etc. for the 50plus / 60plus

removal  50+ / 60 plus






Wellbeing - Fitness - Health

hearing aids
health and medical care
speech therapy
nutritional counseling
dietician, to offer dietary advice such. as in diabetes mellitus
memory training

surgical supplies,
senior technical articles, tools and care products

motion motivation
fitness-light training

tailored (made to measure) clothing


emergency call
music tv hifi headphones etc.
infrared cabins
daylight-units / electric
appliances / home automation


tax consultancy

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