EXAMPLES: life in the countryside | CONCEPT BUILDING

Buildings for agri-tourism, agricultural use, gastronomy concept buildings, small commercial buildings for shops - living and working, glamping - offers (luxury camping safari tents, yurts, gypsy caravans and small houses). Complemented by standard design houses/ residential community houses / small hotels / guesthouses and residential or holiday homes.


Event hall for
aquaculture, aquaponic fishbreeding, fruits, vegetables
Salesroom in EC

Indoor fish farming with Crop production
fish farming
Aquaponic is a polyculture of fish and crop plants
country gastronomy concept

Country Gastronomy Concept

music event

sale: regional agricultural products

music event
regional agricultural products

Vegetable Station

Traditional country kitchen
with regional vegetarian offer

regional vegetarian offer
regional vegetarian offer
ArtGeneration Vegetables station with traditional country kitchen
BEE Country cuisine with a special theme Bees & Honey


Country cuisine with a special theme bees & honey

Beehive carpenter- a wooden sculpture by Birgit Jönsson
Flight holes / Beehive carpenter by Birgit Jönsson

Wood-fired bakery

Nostalgic wood-fired bakery, restaurant and
"snack / food-to-go '

Wood-fired bread
Nostalgic wood-fired bakery,
Wood-fired bakery with Restaurant
Sarabande Resort House + Shop

Sarabande Resort House

Resort house with shop, glamping / yurts.

Double Yurt 6m and 4m with passage
Tent Boho perfect for Glamping

Concertato Small Hotel

Guest house / small hotel or shared apartment house, for 55 plus Artgeneration

interior  example : "Zep" Carpeted Floor
Concertato Small Hotel Specially for the ArtGeneration over 55
Guest house / small hotel or shared apartment house

Legato Small Hotel

Guest house / small hotel or shared apartment house

interior example: Carpeted Floor Wardour
interior example wellness area

Other examples of concept-building / house / holiday home for “the ArtGeneration” over fifty.

Courante House / holiday home


House / holiday home, for the 50 plus “ArtGeneration”



House / holiday home

Belcanto House / holiday home for the ArtGeneration over fifty
Largo House / holiday home  55plus


House / holiday home



House / holiday home

equipment example
Toccata House / holiday home 55+

Other examples of Concept building

Red  Living community house The 60plus

Red Living community house

Living community house or guest house / small hotel, for the ArtGeneration over fifty / 60plus

Red guesthouse

Guest house / small hotel

Red Guest house / small hotel The 50plus
Red Bistro – Restaurant  The 50plus

Red Bistro – Restaurant


Sports gastronomy
with special theme KYODO, the traditional Japanese archery

traditional Japanese archery
Zen Garten © by ArtGeneration
Example Bogenweg Sports Gastronomy for Fifty Plus.

Numerous options for the implementation for Fifty Plus ArtGeneration concepts. Information:  country-concept-building @ ArtGeneration eu

photos: ArtGeneration, fifty plus, 60+,, colorista_moderna/zep_3 wardour_1, nof, Ryan Somma - Aquaponics, Beehive carpenter / wooden sculpture by Birgit Jönsson, Wikimedia , 123rf / 24261591, 38398801, 12196940, 24939440, 37702022, 27293605, 

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