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Fitness meets Design
STIL-FIT products are more than just fitness equipment. They are functional design objects that integrate perfectly into your living environment. STIL-FIT believes that this is the key to a substantial and permanent contribution to your personal fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

STIL-FIT Provides you with fitness equipment in the latest design and equipped with innovative technologies. Controlling your ergometer via the STIL-FIT App, an on-board generator system without external power supply, rowing with the patented Fluid Technology... Ideal for your most effective workout!

Whether at home or in your office – just exercise easily anywhere, at any time. There is nothing stopping you from a regular workout, which will improve your physical and mental fitness significantly!



Unique products for your home

Thanks to its elegant look, the outstanding design and it’s compact dimensions the ergometer fits perfectly in any living environment. The successful combination of form and function will make our ergometer the eye-catcher in your house, home gym or office!

Innovative Design

The STIL-FIT SFE 009/2 and the SFE 012 are the only home fitness solutions taking the original and innovative approach of incorporating outdoor bike components into the design. Saddle, pedals, hand- grips and the handle bar can be exchanged according to your requirements and wishes. The seating position is very comfortable, ergonomic and similar to a high quality street bike.

Ergometer SFE-009/2

STIL-FIT has equipped the model SFE-009/2 with a 4,3“TFT touch-screen monitor, as used in smartphones, to achieve an elegant and reduced look. The user interface is self-explanatory and easy to use with a clearly arranged operator guidance system. In order to meet our high expectations, the new training computer provides you with a wide range of different programs and gives you the opportunity to store training-data for up to four users.

Ergometer SFE-009-2

Ergometer SFE-012

This innovative ergometer is completely controlled by a tablet-PC (e.g. iPad or Galaxy Tab). The SFE-012 provides a great variety of training programs, which are controlled by your Tablet-PC using the STIL-FIT App. The app offers a clear user interface that lets you navigate easily and intuitively.
The app will make your workout a lot more enjoyable and efficient - while working out all features and functions of the tablet-PC can be used without restrictions. While you check your emails, schedule your day, read the news or watch a movie the App is running in the background storing all necessary training data.
The STIL-FIT App is available for free download at the App store for iOS and Android.

Ergometer SFE-012 with iPad


Rower SFR-015
The rower SFR-015 shows an extraordinary and innovative new design, which is unequaled on the market. Thanks to the water tank our rower offers a dynamic and very realistic resistance that adopts to your power. STIL-FIT use the 2-chamber-system with the patented FluidTechnology from FirstDegreeFitness.

The ideal whole-body workout
Rowing is the perfect combination of strength and endurance training. All major muscle groups are intensively trained and it stimulates the reduction of body fat while strengthening the cardiovascular system. Rowing, a great and highly effective whole-body workout!
Exercising regularly will improve your personal health and contributes to your quality of life and your well-being.

Realistic rowing with water resistance
Water is the nature’s perfect resistance medium and that’s why STIL-FIT are using it within our new rowing machine SFR-015. The resistance is very dynamic and adapts instantaneously to the intensity or your workout. The resistance level is set by your own stroke speed. As realistic and natural as possible.

Rower SFR-015


AB Trainer
The proven and well-known AB Trainer gets a brand new and unique redesign by STIL-FIT. Thanks to its elegant shape and the use of wood it will add style to your apartment or gym. During your workout the head rests on a high value leather cushion, which supports your body and guarantees a smooth movement. Plus, it protects your spinal disc and your neck.

AB Trainer Walnut

BACK Stretch

BACK Stretch
After an intensive workout with our products the BACK Stretch is perfect to release tension and stretch your back and spine. It also makes a positive contribution to the reduction of a painful back and neck. 

Simple yet effective!

Just lay down, relax and breathe continuously and smoothly for about five minutes. You can use the BACK Stretch in two different positions – with different intensities.

BACK Stretch Walnut

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